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As your wedding day is one of the biggest events of your life, great care should be taken when it comes to decorating your reception area. After all, months and months of planning would go into getting everything just right for your big day. Why not go to a little extra trouble and look online for wedding reception decorating ideas. You will find great inspiration if you do. What is more, your guests will talk about it for months afterwards. Once you have a wedding theme in place, it is generally not too hard to source useful ideas you can use.

One way to ensure your wedding budget stays in tact is to utilize the various decorating ideas you will find on sites like Pinterest, or even Instagram. You will find that even wedding photographers are a good source for ideas to decorate your reception hall. The best place to get hold of the perfect wedding decoration tips and ideas, would be online. First impressions count, which is why you need to list the various decorating ideas you come across and collaborate with your closest family members, or even your wedding photographer as to what will be more suitable to match your wedding theme. Sharing ideas and brainstorming based on decorating ideas you sourced online, will soon make you realize the importance of not overlooking the following:

  • Candles of all shapes and sizes
  • Wedding Program
  • Guest book
  • Ring pillow
  • Basket to be used by the flower girl
  • Seating chart, contact numbers and vendors’ contracts
  • Cash and extra envelopes
  • Aisle runner
  • Confetti and Rose petals where needed
  • Wedding cake knife and server
  • Centerpieces for your table
  • List of favors
  • Things like disposable cameras for your guest to take pictures with as an added bonus if your budget makes provision for it.

Beautiful-Wedding-ReceptionBear in mind that your wedding reception area is a great place to go to town with the decorating ideas you found online. Earlier on, we discovered that rose petals are a great way to decorate just about any area. Sites online would point out that one could use silk rose petals to ensure a gorgeous floral effect. These can be sprinkled everywhere, from your reception table or sign-in table to the walkway for when the bride and groom makes their entrance.

Popular wedding sites you come across online, may even suggest you try out glasses, filled with water that have colored floating candles in them around the aisle area, or on the center table.

Other sites where you can draw inspiration from may include catering websites. They would want to showcase their wares and how beautifully they can decorate wedding tables with crockery, plates, serviettes and delicious meals and other snacks in order to attract clients. It makes perfect sense to pay these sites a visit for useful decorating ideas.

Online you will find posts from other brides who had the same problem as you in not knowing which decorating tips they should implement. They will gladly share what worked for them and what didn’t. Wedding planners, who want to showcase how good they are will often present some pretty useful ideas online you can make use of. Those who care are all too willing to share their decorating ideas with you, so you can bring your wedding reception area to life. Therefore, there is no question about why you should look online for wedding reception decorating ideas.

Where can I rent a great tuxedo for my wedding?

Hey, grooms! Great news: You aren’t an afterthought at New York Bride & Groom. On the contrary, you’re right there in the title. Our commitment to you doesn’t end there either. We have a dedicated tuxedo rental department so you can shop in your own space with your own changing rooms (nine, to be exact) and service staff.

Our tux department has a masculine feel and is stocked with real samples of our designer suits. You’re not ordering based on a picture in a catalog or an image from the internet like at other wedding stores. When you shop with us you can truly inspect your tux — feel the material, check the cut and color. Your fiance can even compare it side-by-side with her New York Bride wedding dress to ensure a perfect match.

Our tuxedo lines come from some of the most popular menswear designers in the industry. They include Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Stephen Geoffrey, Tony Bowls, Andrew Fezza, Perry Ellis, Jean Yves and more.

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You never need an appointment to shop at NYB&G, so come by anytime we’re open and browse our tuxedo selection. Bring your fiance or your groomsmen if you want their input. Otherwise, we’ll be happy to lend our expertise to make sure you look great for your big day.

Wedding Dress Tips For Plus-Size Brides

If you’re a full-figured woman who’s ready to start searching for your ideal plus-size wedding dress, there are a few things you should know to make the process easier. Of course, the first and best tip is this: Start your shopping at New York Bride & Groom. We offer a dedicated plus-size wedding dress department and have helped brides of every size and shape find their perfect wedding gown. We will do the same for you.

In addition to that important advice, there are also things to consider when it comes to your choice of material, the cut of the dress and more. These and other elements are covered in an informative post on TLC’s website called “5 Dress Shopping Tips for Plus-Size Brides.”

Here’s the opening paragraph of the piece.

Most wedding dresses aren’t made with plus-size girls in mind. Sure, there are a lot more options than there used to be, but the cut, length and embellishments of most modern gowns are designed for slimmer figures. Just because society is stuck on small doesn’t mean plus-size brides should have to settle for whatever fits.

Too right. Click HERE to read all of TLC’s helpful hints and then come visit us at New York Bride & Groom. Remember that you never need an appointment to shop with us. Drop by whenever it’s convenient for you. Feel free to bring your camera — photography is always welcome in our salon. See you soon.


Bridal Guide magazine has compiled an online list of wedding preparation tips from a panel of real and relatable wedding experts: 25 couples who’ve recently said “I do.” The advice runs the gamut from a recommendation that you hire a day-of coordinator to an admonishment to remember to eat something to keep your energy up.

Here are the first three entries in the slideshow, which features actual wedding photos of the commenting couples.

1. Take Your Time

“Matt and I planned our wedding for sixteen months, and it really helped to keep stress levels down. We got tons of stuff done early and had time to save for the things we really wanted. You only get to plan your wedding once, so make sure it is a fun time, not a stressful one!” — Claire and Matt

2. Be Present In Each Moment

“On your wedding day, soak up all the love, joy and bliss! Enjoy!” — Rachelle and Pete

3. Do A First Look

“It was one of the best decisions we made during our wedding planning. Our photographer and videographer collaborated and found a secluded area, away from all the madness that was going on that morning; we got a moment to see each other for the first time. It allowed us to take a deep breath, let the moment sink in, feel all the emotion we were about to feel all day. No matter what you decide, the important thing is choosing what’s right for you as a couple.” — Leah and Kevin

To see the full offering of helpful hints in this awesome slideshow, click HERE.

When you’re ready to begin your search for the perfect wedding gown, the ideal matching tuxedo for the groom, stunning bridesmaids dresses and stylish groomsmen attire, New York Bride & Groom is here with all the choices you’ll need. Don’t forget: You never need an appointment to shop with us and cameras are always welcome.

Buying Your Dream Wedding Dress: What You Should Know

bridal wedding dresses in RaleighThere are many elements that go into the planning of a successful wedding and choosing the right wedding dress is among the most important of them all. Your wedding is your special day and so you want everything to be perfect and worth remembering. If you really care about people’s opinions, then you know that the wedding dress you wear on that day will be one of the main subjects that they are going to be talking about. And even if you do not really care about what other people think, you still want to have the perfect wedding dress since you are probably only ever going to get just one chance to wear it in public. So how do you go about choosing the right wedding dress?

As with almost everything else these days, the internet is the best place to start shopping for items. It connects you to designers and clothing stores from all around the world giving you greater access to beautiful and interesting wedding dress designs. Whether you are looking for something particularly striking or you are looking for the more traditional white wedding dresses, you will definitely find something that suits your tastes when you shop online. This is one of the main advantages of shopping for wedding dresses online.
However, it is worth pointing out here that even though the internet may be the most convenient place to shop for everything, there are a number of pitfalls associated with this mode of shopping which make it unsuitable for someone who wants to buy a wedding dress. Because of these, the internet should, in the context of wedding dress shopping, only be used for window shopping, browse through as many of the dresses as you can find in order to determine exactly what you believe will suit you. But when it comes to the actual purchase, it is in your best interest to do so from a physical clothing store or outlet rather than make the purchase online. Below are a few top reasons why you should buy from physical stores and not from online stores even though the latter seem to be more convenient.

— Physical inspection: When you buy dresses online, you can only see pictures of the dresses and you do not get to try them on. Buying from a physical store, on the other hand, allows you to try on as many dresses as you wish and you can therefore determine whether they fit you or not. You can also identify any flaws in the workmanship and have them fixed or adjusted before you buy. None of these can be done when you buy online.

Wedding-dresses-Pronovias-Dreams-collection1— Timely deliveries: You definitely do not want the possibility of your wedding being postponed or cancelled simply because you have nothing to wear or having to don some third grade gown because your wedding gown was late in delivery. Unfortunately, the above are the realities of online shopping since anything can happen to delay the shipping of your dress on time. Fortunately, you do not have to deal with such problems when you buy your wedding dress from a physical outlet.

In closing, buying the right wedding gown should be a two-end process. First visit the internet and browse wedding dresses online to see what you like, since it has the widest catalog of wedding gowns and dresses. Once you have found great designs that you like, visit physical outlets and shops to find out if they have those and buy them from there.

What to Look For In a Good Wedding Planner


Weddings are some of the most elaborately planned events when it comes to one’s life. Behind this perfectly planned day is a lot of hair-pulling worthy details, decisions and drama. All this is done in effort to provide the perfect wedding for the couple in question right down to the tiniest of details. The end result is a worthy one but going at it alone can be a trying, time-consuming task that might leave you plagued with doubts on whether an elaborate wedding is a good idea. This might call for the requirement of professional help.

A wedding planner will help you fulfill everything on your wedding checklist, maintaining vendor relationships and adhering to the wedding budget by finding suitable alternatives that help you stick to the budget. Finding a suitable wedding planner is therefore key to ensure you can relax and fully enjoy your big day. The following are some of the qualities you should try and look out for.

Organizational skills

The wedding planning profession in a single word can be defined as excellent organizational skills. A wedding planner should be able to handle multiple weddings at a go while being able to separate the details of each and provide the different clients with exactly what they want. Time management is also a big part of good organizational skills and a much needed skill when it comes to wedding that have a short planning period.

Planner must be knowledgeable

A wedding planner should be equipped with knowledge on all aspects of the wedding and some other aspects leading up and after to the wedding like the rehearsal dinner, engagement part and honeymoon. They therefore should be able to provide a choice of suitable vendors for the client. They should also be equipped with knowledge on honeymoon destinations and reliable travel agencies to provide a suitable honeymoon location.

Problem-solving skills

Most people who have gotten married say that a wedding is held firstly for the parents and secondly for the bride. This makes planning one a clash of visions and ideas. A wedding planning should help solve these problems by providing a suitable compromise for this issue as well as others that may arise during the planning process.

Budgeting capabilities

A budget is one of the basics of wedding planning. The client should present a budget to the wedding planner and their vision. The wedding planner then goes ahead and tries to realize the vision within the parameters of the budget provided.


Wedding planning is highly stressful. A wedding planner is not supposed to add full to the fire but be a pillar or calming force. They should remain calm and try and provide a way forward amidst the chaos.


Wedding planning is highly stressful and detail oriented which can drain you after a few runs if you do not have a passion for it. A wedding planner should want to see their clients happy this being a bigger reward than the remuneration they receive. This is what makes a good wedding planner.

Simplify Wedding Planning by Shopping Online

Wedding-Shopping-onlinePlanning for a wedding can be a time and energy consuming venture. There is always so much to do in a very short period of time. Most times it can be very stressful for both the parties involved in the planning. But if you want to have an easier time in planning a wedding consider doing the shopping online. Internet shopping can make your wedding planning simpler.

Saves you time

Unlike when one has to go from one store to the other physically, internet shopping gives you the advantage of doing it wherever you are. There will be no need to leave your office from time to time. All you need is your phone or PC and the rest is up to you. It saves you the trips you would have gone when looking for specific things.

Wide variety to choose from

Compared to when one has to settle for one store in order to save time and money; internet shopping allows you to shop where you please and how you want. You are the one who is in control of what you want.

Since there are a wide variety of places to shop from on the internet, you will not have to settle for less than you wanted. Most people usually end up settling for what they did not expect; this means that the wedding ends up being compromised. But with internet shopping, you get what you expect

wedding-dress-shopping-tips-online-2Saves you money

Shopping via the internet is friendlier for your pockets. Of course the extra money can be put into good use. Negotiating via the internet is easier compared to doing it physically. The vendors do not get the chance to judge your ability to pay by gauging you from your appearance or dressing. This gives you the advantage of being able to shop freely and negotiate to whatever extent pleases you.

Shopping via the internet also allows one to know where the best discounts on wedding items are. This way when one visits a store physically they know what prices they are expecting. This makes the budgeting easier; it gives one a clear view of just how much money they will be spending on the wedding. Adjusting the budget becomes easier this way.

Keeps you in the loop with new trends

Using the internet to shop can really open your eyes to what’s hot and what’s not in the wedding industry. Most times people want their weddings to stand out. However, most people do not know what they can do to keep up with the new trends. But internet shopping gives you a glimpse of all that is current in the wedding scenes.

This is really helpful even for those who want a wedding that is kind of old school. It gives one options that will make the wedding the dram they need it to be.

Hands on experience

You get to be in control of what will be in your big day. Unlike when you assign it to someone and describe what you want. You get to be the one picking exactly what you need.

So the next time you think of wedding shopping, think internet.