Weddings are some of the most elaborately planned events when it comes to one’s life. Behind this perfectly planned day is a lot of hair-pulling worthy details, decisions and drama. All this is done in effort to provide the perfect wedding for the couple in question right down to the tiniest of details. The end result is a worthy one but going at it alone can be a trying, time-consuming task that might leave you plagued with doubts on whether an elaborate wedding is a good idea. This might call for the requirement of professional help.

A wedding planner will help you fulfill everything on your wedding checklist, maintaining vendor relationships and adhering to the wedding budget by finding suitable alternatives that help you stick to the budget. Finding a suitable wedding planner is therefore key to ensure you can relax and fully enjoy your big day. The following are some of the qualities you should try and look out for.

Organizational skills

The wedding planning profession in a single word can be defined as excellent organizational skills. A wedding planner should be able to handle multiple weddings at a go while being able to separate the details of each and provide the different clients with exactly what they want. Time management is also a big part of good organizational skills and a much needed skill when it comes to wedding that have a short planning period.

Planner must be knowledgeable

A wedding planner should be equipped with knowledge on all aspects of the wedding and some other aspects leading up and after to the wedding like the rehearsal dinner, engagement part and honeymoon. They therefore should be able to provide a choice of suitable vendors for the client. They should also be equipped with knowledge on honeymoon destinations and reliable travel agencies to provide a suitable honeymoon location.

Problem-solving skills

Most people who have gotten married say that a wedding is held firstly for the parents and secondly for the bride. This makes planning one a clash of visions and ideas. A wedding planning should help solve these problems by providing a suitable compromise for this issue as well as others that may arise during the planning process.

Budgeting capabilities

A budget is one of the basics of wedding planning. The client should present a budget to the wedding planner and their vision. The wedding planner then goes ahead and tries to realize the vision within the parameters of the budget provided.


Wedding planning is highly stressful. A wedding planner is not supposed to add full to the fire but be a pillar or calming force. They should remain calm and try and provide a way forward amidst the chaos.


Wedding planning is highly stressful and detail oriented which can drain you after a few runs if you do not have a passion for it. A wedding planner should want to see their clients happy this being a bigger reward than the remuneration they receive. This is what makes a good wedding planner.